Monocular visual odometry: a cross-spectral image fusion based approach

Angel D. Sappa, Cristhian A. Aguilera, Juan A. Carvajal Ayala, Miguel Oliveira, Dennis Romero, Boris X. Vintimilla and Ricado Toledo
Robotics and Autonomous Systems - 2016 Article

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This manuscript evaluates the usage of fused cross-spectral images in a monocular visual odometry approach. Fused images are obtained through a Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) scheme, where the best setup is empirically obtained by means of a mutual information based evaluation metric. The objective is to have a flexible scheme where fusion parameters are adapted according to the characteristics of the given images. Visual odometry is computed from the fused monocular images using an off the shelf approach. Experimental results using data sets obtained with two different platforms are presented. Additionally, comparison with a previous approach as well as with monocular visible/infrared spectra are also provided showing the advantages of the proposed scheme.


We provide the rectified images and GPS data from the three video sequences used in the article.


Photo is broken Road length: 236.6m
Images (672 MB) GPS


Photo is broken Road length: 343.5m
Images (738.7 MB) GPS


Photo is broken Road length: 368.2m
Images (515.1 MB) GPS


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